RainFlo .75 HP Automatic Surface Pump

RainFlo .75 HP Automatic Surface Pump

Pump HP: .75 HP
Size: 15.9"L x 9.1"W x 6.5"H
Weight: 22 lbs.
Ships From: CA, TX

RainFlo .75 HP Automatic Surface Pump

RainFlo .75 HP Automatic Surface Pump: The RainFlo MHP75A is an automatic 115V/60Hz 4-stage 3/4 HP centrifugal surface pump with all stainless steel 304 construction in the water end. The pump automatically activates when water begins to flow from user demand such as an irrigation valve opening or a hose end sprayer being operated. When water flow stops, the pump shuts off. The pump control unit also features run-dry protection.

RainFlo Pump Performance Curve:

RainFlo 1.5 HP Automatic Water Pump | Performance Curve | PrepperWaterStorage

RainFlo .75 HP Automatic Surface Pump Specifications:

Performance Flow:

Performance Head:

Flow up to 26 GPM max

Head up to 164 feet max

Inlet Size: 1" FPT
System Presure:

Up to 65 psi

Nominal voltage range:



110V - 120V 60 Hz; 10A Max



Power cord: 5' Foot 3-Prong Grounded
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty



15.9" X 9.1" X 6.5"

22 lbs.


Thermal Protection:


Insulation Class:





Air Cooled


2-Pole Induction, Continuous Duty


Certifications: TUV, CCC
This pump features run-dry protection

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