Maelstrom Rainwater Filter

Maelstrom Rainwater Filter

Maelstrom Rainwater Filter – The Maelstrom™ Rainwater Filter sets a new standard for pre-tank rainwater filtration and delivers clear, colorless, odorless and plentiful rainwater into your Rainwater Tank. The Maelstrom Rainwater Filter is easy to install on new or existing Rainwater Harvesting Systems and is compatible with all of your standard pre-filtration equipment like Leaf Eaters and First Flush Diverters. The Maelstrom Rainwater Filter features an ultra fine 180 micron filter that removes particles 5 times smaller than Leaf Eaters and Tank screens and even delivers rapid flow rates of up to 9,510 gallons per hour while retaining a 96% water catchment efficiency!

Designing a rainwater system using Leaf Eaters and a First Flush Diverter will help maximize the performance of a Maelstrom Rainwater Filter by filtering out some of the large debris upstream. Pre-filtration is the key yo creating a maintenance friendly Rainwater Harvesting System that you’ll love for many years to come. Are you building a drip irrigation system? A Maelstrom will drastically reduce the clogging of your drip emitters becuase you'll be putting very clean rainwater in your tank. Are you building a large Rainwater System for indoor consumption? Install a Maelstrom and increase the life of your sediment filters by pumping cleaner water through your water pump! 

Maelstrom Rainwater Filter | Pre-Tank Rainwater Filtration | Prepper Water Storage

How It Works:

1. Rainwater from your gutters flows into the U-shaped Filter (as shown below) and your Inlet Pipe is secured with the stainless steel hose clamp.

Maelstrom Rainwater Filter | Inlet Diagram | Prepper Water Storage

2. The first 2 mm (0.08″) filter (labeled A in below picture) diverts leaves and larger debris

3. The second, ultra-fine 180 micron filter (labeled B) stops even finer particles.

Maelstrom Rainwater Filter | Filter Diagram | Prepper Water Storage


4. During major rain events, overflow helps flush-out leaves and debris

Maelstrom Rainwater Filter | Lid Access| Prepper Water Storage

5. A final 0.955 mm (0.04″) screen prevents mosquitoes from entering tanks to breed

Maelstrom Rainwater Filter | Screened Outlet | Prepper Water Storage

5. The filtered rainwater is funneled through the base and into your rainwater tank.


Maelstrom Rainwater Filter | Tank Outlet | Prepper Water Storage

Maelstrom™ Product Brochure

Maelstrom™ Rainwater Filter Installation Guide


The Maelstrom Rainwater Filter | Pre-Tank Rainwater Filtration | Prepper Water Storage
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