Liquid & Chemical Storage Tanks

Our Plastic Liquid Storage Tanks are made with the same great material as our Water Storage Tanks but have been manufactured in heavier weights to store many polyethylene compatible liquids that are more dense than Water. Our Premium Weight has a specific gravity rating of 1.5, which means you can store liquids weighing 1.5 times the weight of water (12.5 pounds per gallon). Our Heavy Weight Plastic Storage Tanks meet a specific gravity of 1.9, equaling a rating of 15.75 pounds per gallon. Are you getting prepared and thinking of storing other liquids such as Salt Water, Liquid Fertilizer, Liquid Pesticide, Industrial Chemical Storage, Reverse Osmosis Water, Brine Storage, Soap Storage, Cleaning Agent Storage, Vegetable Oil and more? Give us a call and we'll help you select the right tank! Our Tank Pricing Does Not Include Shipping Charges. Our tanks and containers are too large to ship UPS or FedEx so we run manual freight quotes for you through our freight systems to get you the best rates. Shipping our 100 to 500 gallon tanks in quantities of 2 to 5 can decrease your shipping costs (per gallon) as shipping 1 tank can sometimes carry a very similar price as shipping 2 to 3! If you would like to place your order online, a tank specialist will reach out to you the following business day with a freight quote prior to capturing your funds online. Or you can Request a Freight Quote by clicking here or calling us Toll-Free at 866-822-0022 for a fast and easy freight quote!

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