InstaFire 3-Pack

Size: 5"L x 1"W x 6"H
Weight: 1 lbs.
Ships From: TX

Made of a blend of recycled wood and inert minerals, InstaFire's Fire Starter granules are a sure source of fire and life-saving heat when you need it. Fire Starter granules are a great substitute for wood, charcoal or propane, and reliably ignite and continue to burn regardless of the weather – rain, snow, sleet and wind have no effect on its performance. Treated with a patented blend of paraffin to make it safe against flare-ups, Fire Starter doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or vapors making it a safe choice for your family, pets, the environment and even for cooking over. Just pour 1/2 cup of InstaFire's Fire Starter onto a nonflammable surface and ignite the white portion for a reliable flame. Can be used as a sole fuel source or with tinder. Burns at nearly 1,000ºF, making it a great tool for drying out wet wood. Per 3.
  • Ignites in less than one second regardless of the weather
  • Great substitute for wood, charcoal or propane
  • Safe for use around people, pets and even food


InstaFire 3-Pack
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