AutoBrick Storage Container

AutoBrick Roadside Storage Container

AutoBrick Roadside Storage Container -  The AutoBrick Roadside Storage Container is manufactured with rugged, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These unique Emergency Roadside Containers are great for storing in the truck of your car and come included with a triangular flashing LED light that is equipped with a clever hook. The hook allows the light to be hung inside the container to eluminate the container so it acts as a roadside caution light at night. I can also hold food and other life essentials in case of an emergency while driving at night. AutoBrick can interlock and stack with other WaterBrick containers. AutoBrick provides an air tight and moisture resistant seal. The AutoBrick stores anything you want to keep dry and will eliminate most odors of stored items. The AutoBrick includes a carrying handle.


AutoBrick Roadside Storage Container Product Specifications:

  • AutoBrick Standard Orange 3.5 Gallon Container: 9″ W x 18″ L x 6″ H

  • Empty Weight: 2.12 pounds, 

  • Lid Opening is 7.25″ x 4.5″ 

  • Air Tight Moisture Resistant Sealing Gasket

  • Includes Blinking Emergency Light

  • Includes Carrying Handle

  • Manufactured w/ FDA-Approved, Food-Grade, BPA-Free, High Density Polyethylene 



AutoBrick Roadside Storage Container, AutoBrick Flashing Container, Emergency Roadside Container

AutoBrick Storage Container | Roadside Emergency Container | Prepper Water Storage
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