AmmoBrick Ammo Storage Container

The AmmoBrick Stackable Ammo Storage Container is a 1.6 Gallon Container that holds up to 1,000 rounds of ammo (based on .223 round). Made of rugged, high density polyethylene (HDPE), these unique ammo containers, unlike any other, can hold ammo and other life essentials while adding value by stacking up to 2 feet high! AmmoBrick can interlock and stack with WaterBrick and FoodBrick making it a unique water, food and ammo storage system; unlike no other. AmmoBrick provides an air tight and moisture resistant seal!


Product Specifications:

  • Volume:   1.6 Gallon
  • Dimension: 9”(L) x 9”(W) x 6”(H)
  • Lid Opening:   7 ¼” x 4 ½”
  • Weight:   1.29 pounds; 75% lighter than heavy metal ammo cans
  • Average wall thickness of container is approximately 3/32 of an inch (.090)
  • Gasket:  Air Tight Moisture Resistant Gasket Seal
  • Lid Peel Tabs:  Easy to snap lid on & off with peel tabs
  • Stacking:  Stacks using Male & Female locking lug
  • Handle:  Easy Comfort Handle Grip offers easy comfort especially when carrying heavy ammo any amount of distance

  • Item #: AmmoBrick
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