60 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel Deluxe Kit

Capacity: 60 Gallons
Size: 25"D x 32"H
Weight: 20 lbs.
Ships From: IL, TX

60 Gallon Rainwater Collection Deluxe Kit w/ Downspout Diverter

This kit comes with everything you need to harvest rainwater from your downspout, including a Clean Rain Ultra rainwater filter and diverter, a collapsible tank, and a hose to connect them.

- The easy way to start harvesting rainwater without high shipping costs 
- All in one kit makes it simple to connect and start watering 
- Simple to assemble with sturdy aluminum frame 
- Made from strong, flexible and wear resistant plastic 
- Rain Barrel is collapsible and easy to store when not required 
- Catch more rainwater by using more barrels. 
- Easy to connect to your downspout diverter. 
-Clean Rain Ultra filter can be used in any rain system

Kit Includes: 
- Collapsible Rain Barrel (60 gallon capacity)
- 16’ grey water hose and tap fittings
- Clean Rain Ultra filter and divert rainwater to the barrel



60 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel Deluxe Kit
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