3/4" Lead-Free Brass Hose Bibb

Size: 3/4"
Weight: 1 lbs.
Ships From: TX

Aqualine Inc.

This is the Lead-Free Brass Hose Bibb that comes included on Poly-Mart Emergency Water Storage Tanks. Made by Aqualine, the 3/4" Lead-Free Brass Hose Bib with Male threads is drinking water safe and ships quickly. This Lead-Free Hose Bib threads directly into a 3/4" Bulkhead Fitting found on many brands of plastic water tanks. All you need is a little teflon tape around the threads! 

3/4" Lead-Free Brass Hose Bibb 

  • Lead-Free Brass
  • 3/4" Male Pipe Threads
  • No Kink with T-handle
  • Fits 3/4" Hose

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3/4" Lead-Free Brass Hose Bibb, Male
  • Item #: PMLFSPIGOT34
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