Life Gear Survival Backpack

Size: 15"L x 4"W x 20"H
Weight: 8 lbs.
Ships From: TX

This Grab-&-Go Emergency Pack prepares you at home, work, school, and on-the-go! Planning ahead can significantly help protect you and your loved ones. The supplies in your Wings of Life Backpack from Life+Gear will help you stay a step ahead in being prepared for an unexpected disaster or emergency. This includes natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and wildfires. This "grab and go" emergency pack is easy to store at home, in the office, at school, or in your car.

-Water resistant backpack with multiple storage pockets & sleeves
-Tarp for emergency shelter or ground cover
-Wings Of Life open up for additional pockets and storage
-Designed for Everyday Use
-Light Weight Design
-Multi-function Tool Sleeve
-Ergonomically Designed for Children & Adults
-See Through Pockets for Quick Access to Items
-Durable Construction

At Home: With the Life+Gear Wings of Life Backpack, Life Essentials, and Personal Safety Device, you will be prepared for the most common disasters that may strike your town -- or your home.

At Work: In the event of an emergency, you and your co-workers may not be able to return home right away. Having emergency supplies at hand such as food, water, and protection from the elements is necessary.

At School: With the Wings of Life backpack, a student will have everything he or she needs to help survive an emergency for 3 days. The roomy backpack can even be used as a daily school bag.

- 3-Day Supply of Food 1-Person (5-Year Shelf Life)
- 3-Day Supply of Water 1-Person (5-Year Shelf Life)
- All Weather Poncho
- Thermal Blanket
- Hygiene Kit
- First Aid Kit
- Writing Pad and Pen
- Signaling Whistle
- Directional Compass
- Magnifying Glass
- Leather / Cloth Gloves
- Respirator Mask
- Red Emergency Flasher
- Multi-Function Tool
- Waterproof Document Bag
- Signaling Mirror

Wings Of Life Back Pack | Prepper Water Storage
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