1.25" Floating Inlet Filter

Size: 1.25"
Weight: 18 lbs.
Ships From: TX

The Floating Inlet Filters or also known as Floating Extractors, floats inside your tank suspended just below the water surface where the cleanest water lies. From this position the water is extracted by your pump. A ball float suspends the intake about 4" to 6" below the water level. The intake has a small filter and a check valve. Floating inlet filters greatly increase the life of your filters as it pulls water from where the cleanest and most oxygenated water resides in the tank! An important component for any irrigation, toilet flushing, whole house rain harvesting or well water storage application.

Includes a built-in non-return valve which helps keep the pump primed by preventing water from flowing in the reverse direction.

Includes one 1-1/4" marine-grade stainless steel hose clamp for filter to hose connection.

Consisting of:

  • Floating ball, diameter 8"
  • Filter inlet sleeve (mesh 0.05") 
  • Nozzle check valve, 1.25"
  • Connection nozzle for the connection of suction pipes 1-1/4" diam.


Floating Inlet Filter | 1.25" | PrepperWaterStorage
  • Item #: FF125
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